As the birdie’s partner got in after it. Thurs one was harder to catch, but was worth it when we saw the two of meet up outside.







Louboutins are redefining the “nude” pump— now available in five shades.  Great initiative!

Thank you Christian Louboutin. 

This is so important.

Yes, thank you for making more shoes literally none of us will ever be able to afford.

Fashion trickles down though. When a high-end designer like Christian Louboutin acknowledges that there should be variety in “nude” pumps, it will invariably be copied by cheaper and more accessible brands. This is a huge, positive thing.

Phoebe wearing the Maleficent horns and shoulder pieces at the end of Oz Comicon

Phoebe wearing the Maleficent horns and shoulder pieces at the end of Oz Comicon

Oz Comicon was a blast! There were eleven of us there, (Poison Ivy met us at the con) and we had a pretty fantastic time. We all had pretty good costumes, but my friend cosplaying Maleficent took the place by storm! She could barely walk a couple of metres without someone stopping her for photos, which although was…

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Winner winner, chicken dinner

Chicken dinner!

Get Commando Fit starts today, but the website has had a few sample recipes available over the last week, which provided  the perfect opportunity for us to try one of them out. Chicken cacciatore seems to be fairly simple, so we headed out to the supermarket and got the necessary ingredients. While Woolworths had most of the items in stock, I couldn’t find any ghee and so…

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I should have added a tub of Vaseline to my shopping basket to freak out the guy at the register.

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So I may have had a few glasses of wine and made a composite image of my favourite guys from Hot and Busted










Somebody kill me

Each Jenny has a different symbol on their hat

And I don’t know which one to do for my cosplay…

…Holy crap, how did I never notice this before?

So THAT’S how Brock knows!

All the Joy’s are different, too. Their crosses are each different colors.


#I thought the Nurse Joy one only happened recently though #like in the new seasons

Nope. While blue and pink repeated a few times, generally each Joy had a different color city to city.


These are all from season 1 & 2 Nurse Joys.

Oh good god.

holy fucking shit how did no one else notice this it’s been like tEN FUCKING YEARS

Welp, I just learned something new. And I was in this fandom for 13 years.

My life is a LIE.